Finally after many years of debates and campaigns, to remove the need to blame in divorce proceedings.  The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was granted the royal assent on 26th June 2020.  

The no-fault divorce law is due to be implemented around the autumn of 2021. 

It is evident that significant damage and stress is caused as a result of blaming in divorce proceedings.  It makes it very difficult for couples to separate amicably. 

As family law consultants, we recognise that removing the need to blame will assist those who decide that their marriage or civil partnership is beyond hope of reconciliation.   The new process will help them deal with the practical process without getting caught up in the ‘’blame game’’

Legal process in divorce should not awaken the parties dispute, instead it should help them reach a resolution quickly and as stress free as possible.  It is highly likely that removing blame will help parents avoid conflicts when deciding arrangements for their children. 

The impact of relationship and marriage breakdowns can have negative impacts on children’s welfare where it is not amicable. 

The reform will hopefully make matters less contentious and stressful for couples that believe that their marriage has irretrievably broken down.